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Subtleties of declaring transit between the EU and the EAEU

10 February 2021

The Terminal Direct company declares transit between the EU and the EAEU, and also processes export or import to the EU countries. For this, a customs declaration form T1 is used.

Main use cases for T1:

– movement of goods between EU countries;

– import of goods into the EU from the territory of non-EU states;

– Import of goods from countries outside the European Union for further transit outside it.

For example, the electronic registration service from internal EU posts to the territory of the EAEU, and vice versa, is especially popular.

The declaration is made in accordance with the Common Transit Convention. The document is an electronic version of the TIR Carnet, which is issued in accordance with the Carnet TIR Convention.

T1 is submitted electronically at the border of the Baltic States and Poland.

Among the checkpoints of the Kaliningrad region, declaring the largest amount of transit cargo transported by road, it is worth highlighting:

– from Lithuania – checkpoint Chernyshevskoe (Kybartai);

– from Poland – checkpoint Mamonovo (Grzechotki).

In addition to Poland, Lithuania, the declaration can be opened at the checkpoints of Latvia, Estonia. The most passable of them are from Lithuania and the Republic of Belarus – Kamenny Log (Medininky), from Russia and Latvia – Burachki (Terehova), Russia and Estonia – Ivangorod (Narva).

List of documents required for T1:


–                                  commercial (invoice, TN);

– veterinary certificates and phytosanitary certificates;

–                 Documents for the vehicle of transportation;

Information needed for T1:

–                                                                                                                                       the customs posts where the customs clearance of transit begins and ends;

– Payer data;

–                 information about the carrier;

other relevant information, if required.

When moving veterinary or phytosanitary goods, you will need CVED and CHEAD numbers, which will be happy to help you issue Terminal Direct employees using the European TRACES program.

The declaration must be issued one hour before arrival at the customs territory. After filling it out, as well as providing a guarantee, the driver must present the local reference number (LRN) to the border customs officer. An LRN is assigned by Customs to each transit declaration until a primary MRN is assigned to it.

Our team will professionally and gladly help you arrange the entire list of services necessary to move your cargo.

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