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Common Health Entry Documents CHED-P, CHED-A

Digital registration for veterinary documents mandatory for products of animal origin and animals when entering EU countries

CHED-P (Common Health Entry Document for consignments of products of animal origin, germinal products and animal by-products) – is an entry declaration for the category of products of animal origin, germ products and animal by-products not for human consumption.

CHED-A (Common Health Entry Document for consignments of animals) – is an entry declaration for animals.

Veterinary certificates issued for consignments from third countries (outside EU) entering EU, for import or transit through, must comply with the provisions of the Official Control Regulation (OCR) – Regulation (EU) 2017/625 of March 15, 2017.

CHED-P and CHED-A should be provided for control within import and transit procedures from third countries (outside EU) entering EU for goods of of animal origin, germinal products and animal by-products and products not for human consumption, animals, e.g.: horses or any agricultural livestock. These categories of goods are subject to mandatory border veterinary control in the EU countries and is also under control charge – veterinary duty fee (certificate).

Veterinary EU Certificate – one-time charge (fee) per one veterinary document (certificate), applies for payment under each EU countries’ inner terms and conditions.

Present Documents have to be declared one (1) hour before the arrival of the vehicle at the border crossing point – office, in accordance with the EU requirements. After submitting certificates to border authorities and paying a control fee, each of them assigns a personal number – CHED.

List of documents required for CHED-P, CHED-A procedure:

  1. CMR;
  2. Invoice or proforma;
  3. Veterinary certificate of origin, issued in departure contry;
  4. EU entry/exit border point (applies in transit too);
  5. Drivers’ contact details