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EU T1 declaration

Services: T1 transit declaration

T1 – is a digital customs document, mandatory needed for an entry of goods to EU, T1 covers all customs duties and taxes in case of partial or total loss of goods.

The EU customs are informed in accordance with the Union Customs Code requirements, after T1 declaration is submitted «Terminal Direct» sends reference number (LRN) to the customer by SMS or messengers services.

The goods have to be declared one (1) hour before the arrival of the vehicle at the customs office in accordance with the EU requirements.

«Terminal Direct» has own general Customs Guarantee which can be used for all EU customs offices, this provides us to help you to optimize costs and Guarantee best terms and conditions in customs clearance services.

T1 declaration is mandatory for:

  1. For goods entering from EAEU to EU (within EU country or going in transit).
  2. For goods shipping to Russian Federation through EU country (e.g.: From Kaliningrad district to BY or RF or any EAEU country and backwards).
  3. For import goods from Third Countries (e.g.: China, USA and etc.) to EU and further transit to EAEU.

List of documents required for T1 declaration:

  1. CMR;
  2. Invoice or proforma;
  3. Packing list (if present);
  4. EX (export) declaration (if present);
  5. Certificate of an origin (if present);
  6. EU Entry/exit border point (customs office);
  7. Drivers’ contact details