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Customs declaration EPI for Belarus

Electronic Preliminary Informing for Belarus Republic customs authorities – EPI BY, is mandatory for goods entering to EAEU through Belarus border crossing point. The goods have to be declared two (2) hours before the arrival of the vehicle at the customs office (border crossing point) in accordance with the BY customs requirements, after issuing an EPI number, which makes border control more efficient.

The main task of EPI BY – optimize and simplify processes for goods customs clearance when crossing Belarusian border.

List of documents required for EPI BY declaration:

  1. CMR;
  2. Invoice of proforma;
  3. Driver contact details (mobile number);
  4. Driver passport;
  5. Truck and semi-trailer (trailer) documents;
  6. EAEU entry/exit border point;
  7. Packing list or specification (if present);
  8. Certificate of allowance for operating under customs seal (if present);
  9. Any other extra certificates, licenses and etc. required for procedures