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Since its opening in 2018, Terminal Direct LLC has provided partners and clients with a modern service and approach in the field of electronic transit declaration and online provision of information to customs authorities 24/7 for the fastest and most convenient crossing of international borders between the Customs Union (EAC) and the European Union (EU).

The main priorities for us are the most efficient interaction with the client, the ability to send documents via instant messengers (Whatsapp, Viber) and e-mail (e-mail) for online registration, without the need to visit scanning points and send documents, which in turn will allow save you time. Full transparency in the formation of invoices for the rendered customs services and optimization of shipping documents during clearance allows us to save the client’s costs.

Today, Terminal Direct is a dynamically developing company with partners in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Our Benefits and Goals

Online declaration allowed us to speed up the customs clearance process and minimize risks when submitting documents to reliably inform the customs authorities.

Our clients are logistics, forwarding and transport companies, as well as trading and manufacturing enterprises.

We are trusted for efficiency, reliability and individual approach.

The main goals for us are:

  • Quality service 24/7

  • Maximum prompt interaction with the client

  • Online registration

  • No hidden fees or additional costs
Year of main company
from 30 min
Prompt design of declarations


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Company details


TIN/KPP 3906371761/390601001

PSRN 1183926022697

Address: 236006, Kaliningrad, Sovetsky prospect, 274, office. |||, pom. 4

Phone/fax +7 9062 375 378; Email email:


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